Mission & Vision




 In a world characterised by economies of scale, climate change, global branding and new balances of power, fruit and vegetables are bought online and offline according to their taste, sustainability and safety, based on trust.

Shifts in production and demand, higher product requirements, the need for differentiation and increasing business risks are putting pressure on availability.

With our strong brand and AGF chain knowledge, MedGreen is the director and supplier for the future market decision-maker.

MedGreen's ambition is to work with our producers to become the supply chain manager for Retailers, (inter)national Foodservice companies and other important B2B buyers of fruit and vegetables worldwide.

Our organisation focuses on market needs by means of a differentiated offer and service at a high level. We do this through cooperation with chain specialists, in which the direction of the process is more important than its ownership.

Our brand is a distinctive year-round concept, in appearance, availability and quality guarantee.


Core values

Respect - Respect for all parties in the world. Experiencing what drives others. Experiencing creation. Seeing results. The beauty of the shell. The soft inner self. Individual strength. Appreciated. In a jointly pursued goal.

Quality - Quality in fruit selection and product handling. Tasting the best. Showing what can be done. What must be. In an intense experience. Proudly seeking the highest dimension. The ultimate, unsurpassable standard.

Passion - Passion for product, people and global trade. Conquering the world. With heart and soul. Passionately standing up for your cause. Confessing your love in all passion. Compelling and sincere.

Dedication - Committed to the success of business and enterprise. Fully committed. In inspired enthusiasm. Focused on success. Driven to rise above the colourless mass. To the place on the highest peak of ambition.

Transparency - Clear in cooperation, information and integrity. Clear lines. Set in clear contours. Faith in every party. From beginning to end. Within individual relationships and overarching processes. The delicate beauty of trust.